Arabic Sweets Sale

In addition to being a lovely addition to your Holiday table, these sweets make wonderful gifts!  All of the delicious Arabic sweets that we offer for sale are prepared using traditional recipes.  We use only the best and freshest ingredients and take the greatest care to create "treats" that are not only a joy to taste but also beautiful to look at.

 Please be aware that this year we may have fewer items available for “post sales” purchase (that is, extra boxes that are sometimes offered for sale after Pick Up Day).  So, if you wish to have your favorite Arabic Sweets this Christmas season, we highly encourage you to order now!

There are two ways you can order sweets (until the 10/29 deadline):  online or in person.  Just follow the “To Place Your Order” instructions, below.   (Note: do NOT mail orders to us after 10/23—they will not arrive in time for the deadline!)

Sweets Pick-Up Days are Sat., Dec. 2 (3:30 – 5 pm) and Sun., Dec. 3 (noon – 1 pm).  For more information, contact Lani Kanakry at 703-200-6416 or

To place your order:

  1. Click HERE to order and pay by credit card ONLINE!
  2. Or place your order IN-PERSON after Divine Liturgy in the Church Hall every Sunday in October. Click HERE to download a simple PDF order form to fill out by hand to bring with you. Or HERE to download an Excel order form to fill out on your computer and which will automatically calculate the total cost of your order. For in-person orders, we accept payment by credit card, cash, or check (payable to Holy Transfiguration Church).
  3. Mark your calendar to pick up your order on Sat., Dec. 2 (3:30 - 5 pm) or Sun., Dec. 3 (noon - 1 pm).

The Sweets We Offer:


All Baklawa

(one or two layer boxes)


Mixed Variety (one or two layer boxes)


Date Maamoul (approx. 11 per box)


Walnut Maamoul (approx. 8 per box)


Birds Nest Pistachio Baklawa (6 per box)


Birds Nest Chocolate Hazelnut Baklawa (6 per box)


Baklawa Walnut Triangles

(1 dozen per box)

sweets Baklawa Pistachio Squares

Baklawa Pistachio Squares

(1 dozen per box)


Ghraybeh "O" shaped

(approx. 2 dozen per box)


Pecan Daaboulehs (Puffs)

(15 per box)


Coconut Makroons 

(1 dozen per box)


Barazek Sesame / Pistachio

(1 dozen per box)