Ladies Guild


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Bianca BottyDeaconess Cathy Baroody

• Organizes Holy Bread baking
• Plans spiritual retreats
• Coordinates the Book Club


Samar Annab

• Organizes Sunday Coffee Hour
• Helps plan, prepare and stage special church events (Bishop’s Luncheon, Christmas Agape, Cheesefare, Pascha Agape, etc.)


Anne BenedictoMonica Ortiz and Kristen Berg (website)

• Advertises Events
• Creates brochures and flyers
• Emails members
• Writes articles for NAMW


Kim Metzger

Inventories and re-stocks kitchen and parish cleaning, paper, and food supplies


Lani KanakryHeidi Kaska

Coordinates and manages fundraising activities, such as the Arabic Sweets Sale in December


Flowers for Feast Days  Deaconess Linda Black
Takes Care of flowers for the church throughout the year

Bereavement Services  Khourieh Judy Handal
Prepares mercy meals and serves bereaved families

Sunshine Committee  Tanya Attal
Visits, call, and sends cards to the ill and elderly

Care of Vestments and Church Linens  Nicky Schauder

Young Adults  Kristen BergNatalie Samaha
Organizes spiritual and social events for young adults

Meals for Moms  Nicky Schauder
Organize meal distribution to moms who recently gave birth

Young Moms  Monica Ortiz, Jaci Woltornist
Coordinate events for mothers with young children


Sylvia Hondros

• Presents a list of candidates each Spring
• Distributes and tabulates ballots for the April election