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Click to print the 2018-2019 Sunday School Registration form.  Please fill out and send to Holy Transfiguration Church, attn., Georgianna Kostak, 8501 Lewinsville Road, McLean, VA 22102.

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For information regarding Sunday School, please contact:

Georgianna Kostak
Sunday School Coordinator

Letter From Father Joseph

Dear Parents,

Being a priest for over 50 years really gives one quite a perspective. I am speaking about what  happens to our youngsters who attend catholic schools. Before I begin, don't think that I am making a diatribe against the catholic school system, far from it. They do an excellent job. They make their students into good Latin-rite Catholics. That is what they are supposed to do. When our students go to catholic schools, we lose them for our church. My 40 + years have seen this happen over and over again. What to do?

We all want our children to have the best education we can provide. In some cases this takes place in the catholic school system. If your child is enrolled in the local catholic school, you have an additional job to do. You must inform the school authorities that your child is Greek Catholic and therefore has been Baptized, Chrismated and has received Holy Communion at birth. In addition, you must see to it that they are excused from mandatory participation in these classes preparing for these sacraments. Above all, you must not merely prevent them from participating, you have to replace it with programs offered here at our parish church.

Why do I stress this? Simply, because I will not preside over a parish that allows its youth to be taken from us in the name of accommodation. If you want your children to stay a part of our Church, you have to bring them to the Divine Liturgy, to Sunday School, to youth activities. We offer a Religious Education program that is first rate for students from Toddlers thru High School. You must take the responsibility to get them up, dressed and here on time on Sunday mornings. I wll be here, I hope you will too.